Key Members

Dr. Maqsood Ahmed (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Maqsood Ahmed is the Principal Investigator of Materials Chemistry Laboratory. He is a faculty member of the Department of Chemistry since September, 2013. He got his PhD entitled “Ultra high resolution crystallography of small molecules and proteins” from Universite de Lorraine, Nancy, France in 2012.He has already served in GC University Lahore for one year
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Dr. Sajida Noureen (Co-Principal Investigator)

Dr.Sajida Noureen is a faculty member of the Department of Chemistry since November, 2007. She got her PhD from Universite de Lorraine, Nancy, France in 2012. Her worked is focused on the synthesis and characterization of Dye-sensitized solar cells. She also has already served for two year in University of Sargodha prior to joining IUB in 2007. She is experienced in working with
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The Materials Chemistry Laboratory is a part of the PC-1 Strengthening of Existing Departments at Islamia University of Bahawalpur. The project was approved by the HEC and the Planning Comission of Pakistan on 20 February 2015. The laboratory was established with a cost of Rs. 123 million. The laboratory hosts state of the art equipment and is part of the efforts to bring IUB at par with the advanced research institutions of the world. The laboratory with specially focus on 3D structural characterization of the proteins and natural products extracted from the Cholistan desert, structural and functional studies of molecules applicable in dye-sentized solar cells as well as routine chemical crystallography of diverse nature
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  • The first high impact publication from Materials Chemistry Laboratory has just appeared in a high impact journal (Impact factor 8.6).


  • Materials Chemistry Laboratory Inaugurated.
Research Team

Muhammad Umar Farooq

He is the second year PhD scholar in our Material chemistry laboratory. His previous work was to study the charge density properties of small molecules and the pharmaceutical cocrystals. His current research interests are aimed at protein crystallography.
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