Materials Chemistry Laboratory


During his M.Phil. he worked on removal of dyes from aqueous solution by raw and magnetically modified fruit waste of Trapa natans. Now he is the second year PhD scholar working under the supervision of Dr. Sajida Noureen in the Material chemistry laboratory. His work is aimed at biodiesel synthesis from local abundantly available non-edible oils, their characterization and applications.

Sehrish Akram

After doing her MPhil under the supervision of Dr. Maqsood Ahmed, Sehrish Akram is continuing her PhD. She is working crystal engineering and phenomenon of polymorphism in pharmaceutical co-crystals. She explits single crystal X-rays diffraction to explore polymorphism in cocrystals. She is also interested in solid state chemical reactions. Her work has been published in Acta Cryst. C in 2022.

Alia Iqbal

She joined Material Chemistry Laboratory in 2017 to pursue her M.Phil where she has been working on the enhancement of the physicochemical, mechanical properties of pharmaceutical drugs. She uses diffraction and thermal techniques to characterize the materials. She defended her MPhil thesis on 10-12-2019. Currently She is enrolled as a PhD scholar under the supervision of Dr. Maqsood Ahmed. Her work on the charge density analysis of pharmaceutical co-crystals has been published in Acta Cryst B 2021.

Aqsa Bilal

Aqsa did her MPhil under the supervision of Dr. Maqsood Ahmed and currently she is pursuing her PhD where she is exploring electrostatic properties of new pharmaceutical cocrystals via high resolution X-rays crystallography methods. Currently her work is under revision from CrystEngComm.